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He started as an apprentice in a small carpentry workshop in 1965, master recep...

Recep Bektaş blended his artistic vision with his determination.

He gave his profession exactly 50 years. It became one of the leading furniture manufacturers in its sector with its furniture production and projects with big brand names.


He always made a name for himself with the quality furniture he made. He opened his first store on Kağıthane Street in 1982 in order to display the furniture he made. After many projects it has produced until today, it created the imported brand group under the name of MERNUSA furniture with the imported furniture and accessories it brought in 2010. In addition to being a master who always does his job with quality without sacrificing honesty in his profession, Recep BEKTAŞ also blended his carving and foil works with quality by reflecting the artist's spirit in his productions.


In Eser Furniture, design goes through many processes. First of all, spaces are examined in order to produce holistic design solutions. At the project stage, a design is made by determining the styles, lifestyles, tastes, expectations, functional characteristics of the spaces and their intended use.

This design is projected, presented to the people, and with the approval, the implementation phase is started. As a result of such a versatile working system, satisfaction is inevitable.



El işçiliğinin ağırlıkta olduğu Eser Mobilya; en son teknoloji ve uzman kadrosu ile üretim yapmaktadır. Tüm ürünleri en yüksek kalite malzemelerle üretilmektedir.

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